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Our Zombie Army 4 - Dead War +20 trainer is now available for version 3.12 and supports STEAM, EPIC STORE, WINDOWS STORE, XBOX GAMEPASS FOR WINDOWS. These Zombie Army 4 - Dead War cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. Zombie Army 4 - Dead War Trainer 3.12 (STEAM+EPIC+GAMEPASS) RGB. TRAINER MANAGER COMPATIBLE.

Paid horror shooting game

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Zombie Army 4: Dead War is a horror shooting game with zombie and post-apocalyptic themes. It delivers a similar experience as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and World War Z, giving you the opportunity to shoot bullets into the undead. The graphics and gameplay are intense and not for the faint of heart.

The campaign mode has lengthy gameplay where you’ll have to deal with occult enemies. You can also enjoy multiplayer mode, with a Season Pass available as a separate purchase. The Pass gives you weapons and content not available in the base game.

Key gameplay elements

The exhilarating horror game has a specific level of progression in it, letting you upgrade your items to make you a more potent undead slayer. You can also shoot your teammate, so watch that cross-fire at all times.

If you enjoy a bit of entertainment, you can use taunts and emotes to show off your victory. The modes available include campaign, horde, and multiplayer.

Lengthy gameplay

The campaign of Zombie Army 4: Dead War will net you about ten hours of gameplay, while multiplayer will last as long as you enjoy it. There’s no open-world feature, as most of the scenes are in closed settings. While you’ll pay for most of the content, there are some free DLCs and packs you’ll receive along the way.

Spine-chilling story

You’re in the heart of World War II in the 1940s. Hitler appears to rule the underworld now as he starts Armageddon with his undead army. Your job is to kill as many zombies as you can, complete missions, and send Hitler back to hell.

Our take

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is an outstanding game with excellent graphics and gameplay. It provides a new take on World War 2 with Hitler leading the hordes of hell against you. You’ll also enjoy the progression as you and your weapons grow stronger with every battle.

Should I download it?

Yes, if you’re into post-apocalyptic shooters with intense horror gameplay. If you don’t mind handing out some cash, there are also DLCs and Season Passes you can acquire for more content.


  • Intense action
  • Grueling horror scenes
  • Exciting progression
  • Lengthy gameplay


  • In-game and seasonal purchase give players an advantage

Zombie Army 4: Dead Warfor Windows


On this site you will find a collection of old rules and information that we have archived.

From supplementary fast-play rules to new tokens and races, here you will find all the materials you need to keep waging your battles! Use the tabs below to select your game, and then click on the download links that appear underneath. Click on the link to view/download the document.

If the document is not loading when you click on the link, try Right-Click > Save Link As. You can then download the document and view it from your local machine.


Dystopian Wars Rulebook 2.5 [PDF, 22.7MB]


Dystopian Wars Version 2.5 Compliant Statistics

The following 7 PDFs contain the Version 2.5 compliant Dystopian Wars Core Nation ‘Living’ statistics.

These files have been uploaded for free so that our gaming community can download them and use with their new 2.5 Core Rulebook.

Covenant of Antarctica - COA Compiled

Federates States of America - FSA - Compiled

Russian Coalition - RC - Compiled

Kingdom of Britannia - KOB - Compiled UPDATED

Empire of the Blazing Sun - EOTBS - Compiled

Republique of France - ROF - Compiled

Prussian Empire - Prussian - Compiled

Dystopian Wars Alliance Nation 2.5 Compliant Statsistics

The Black Wolf - BW Stats Compiled

Chinese Federation - Chinese Federation Compiled

EIMC - EIMC Stats Compiled

Indian Raj - IR Stats Compiled

League of Italian States - LOIS Stats Compiled

Ottoman Empire (Separatists) - Ottoman Separatists Stats Compiled

Ottoman Empire (Traditionalists) - Ottoman Traditionalists Stats Compiled

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (PLC) - PLC Stats Compiled

Kingdom of Denmark - KOD Stats Compiled

Australians (Both) - RFA Stats Compiled

Honourable Eclipse Company (HEC) - HEC Stats Compiled

Republic of Egypt - RoE Compiled


Dystopian Legions Rulebook [PDF, 24.2MB] v1.2 - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Dystopian Legions FAQ [PDF, 0.5MB] - UPDATED: 02-NOV-2015

Codename Iron Scorpion Booklet [PDF, 3MB] - UPDATED: 13-OCT-2014

This A5 document contains the statistics for the models that can be found inside the Codename Iron Scorpion Two Player Battle Box. The contents of this PDF override the contents of the printed booklet.

Allies & Mercenaries [PDF, 0.2MB]


blog-2-legions-command-and-control-optional-rules UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016

Zombie army pdf free download windows 10

blog-3-legions-interactive-battlefield-objectives UPDATED: 23-SEP-2016



Kingdom of Britannia - ORBATS [PDF, 1.0MB] - UPDATED: 02-NOV-2015

Prussian Empire - ORBATS [PDF, 1.0MB] - UPDATED: 23-NOV-2015

Empire of the Blazing Sun - ORBATS [PDF, 1.0MB] - UPDATED: 03-NOV-2015

Federated States of America - ORBATS [PDF, 1.0MB] - UPDATED: 11-JAN-2015

Covenant of Antarctica Orbats [PDF, 154KB] - UPDATED: 11-MAR-2016

Republique of France - ORBATS [PDF, 3.0MB] - UPDATED: 23-MAR-2015

Black Wolf - ORBATS [PDF, 0.5MB] - UPDATED: 16-OCT-2014


Platoon Diagram [PDF, 0.5MB] - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Progression Charts [PDF, 0.5MB] - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Reference Sheet [PDF, 1.0MB] - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Sequence of Play [PDF, 0.5MB] - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Templates [PDF, 0.8MB] - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Terrain Tables [PDF, 0.9MB] - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

Scenario Generator [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED 18-MAR-2015


DWFA Scenarios - DWFA Scenarios

Tokens Sheet A - DW Quickplay Tokens R1 Side A

Tokens Sheet B - DW Quickplay Tokens R1 Side B


Major Nation Statistics The following PDF downloads contain the Statistics for Dystopian Wars: Fleet Action Fast Play rules.

Kingdom of Britannia ORBATS, V2.0 - 1 DWFA Kingdom of Britannia 2.0 V1

Prussian Empire ORBATS, V2.0 - 2 DWFA Prussian Empire 2.0 V2

Federated States of America ORBATS, V2.0 - 3 DWFA Federated States of America 2.0 V2

Empire of the Blazing Sun ORBATS, V2.0 - 4 DWFA Empire of the Blazing Sun 2.0 V2

Covenant of Antarctica ORBATS, V2.0 - 5 DWFA Covenant of Antarctica 2.0 V2

Republique of France ORBATS, V2.0 - 6 DWFA Republic of France 2.0 V2

Minor Nation Statistics

Black Wolf ORBATS, V2.0 - DWFA Black Wolf 2.0 V1

Chinese Federation, V2.0 - DWFA Chinese Federation 2.0 V1.1

East India Merchant Company, V2.0 - DWFA East India 2.0 V1

Free Australians, V2.0 - DWFA Free Australians 2.0 V1

Honourable Eclipse Company, V2.0 - DWFA Honourable Eclipse Company 2.0 V1

Indian Raj, V2.0 - DWFA Indian Raj 2.0 V1

Kingdom of Denmark, V2.0 - DWFA Kingdom of Denmark 2.0 V1

League of Italian States, V2.0 - DWFA League of Italian States 2.0 V1

Ottoman Empire, V2.0 - DWFA Ottoman Empire 2.0 V1

Operational Assets, V2.0 - DWFA Operational Assets V1

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, V2.0 - DWFA Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth 2.0 V1

Republic of Egypt, V2.0 - DWFA Republic of Egypt 2.0 V1

Royal Australians, V2.0 - DWFA Royal Australians 2.0 V1


Firestorm Armada Edition 2.0 Rulebook [PDF, 6.5MB]

Firestorm Armada Second Edition Errata [PDF, 0.1MB] - UPDATED 13-MAR-2015

Firestorm Taskforce Rulebook [PDF, 8.72MB] Taskforce_Rulebook_April_2017

Firestorm System Wars [PDF, 2.0MB] - UPDATED: 23-JUN-2015


Marauders and Pirates

Marauder PDF - Updated May 2017

Core Six Race Model Statistics

Aquan Prime Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: APRIL 2016

Terran Alliance Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: APRIL 2016

Sorylian Collective Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: APRIL 2016


Directorate Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: APRIL 2016

Relthoza Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: APRIL 2016

Dindrenzi Federation Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: APRIL 2016

Alliance Race Guides and other Statistics

Zenian League Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: 17-MAR-2015

Alliance of Kurak Fleet Manual [PDF, 0.4MB] - UPDATED: 06-NOV-2015

Pdf Download

New OSO Ships-Cruiser-Escort Carrier-Light Cruiser_UPDATED [PDF, 0.9MB] - 15-JUL-2016


Firestorm Planetfall Rulebook [PDF, 18.8MB] v1.2 - UPDATED: 18-FEB-2015

Firestorm Planetfall Rulebook (printer friendly) [PDF, 20.4MB] v1.2 - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015

FAQ [PDF, 0.1MB] v1.2 - UPDATED: 22-DEC-2014

Firestorm System Wars [PDF, 2.0MB] - UPDATED: 23-JUN-2015


Major Forces

Terran Alliance Statistics - UPDATED MARCH 24th 2016 - Terran_Alliance_Stats_March_2016

Dindrenzi Federation Statistics - UPDATED MARCH 24th 2016 - Dindrenzi_Federation_Stats_March_2016

Aquan Prime Statistics - UPDATED MARCH 24th 2016 - Aquan_Prime_Stats_March_2016

Directorate Statistics - UPDATED MARCH 2016 - Directorate_Stats_March_2016

Sorylian Collective Statistics - UPDATED MARCH 24th 2016 - Sorylian_Collective_Stats_March_2016

Relthoza Statistics - UPDATED MARCH 24th 2016 - Relthoza_Stats_March_2016

The documents below contain statistics for the models originally created for use in the limited release Firestorm Invasion wargame. They are compatible with the Firestorm Planetfall v1.0 rules.

Dindrenzi Federation 'Heroes of Tarxon VI' Statistics [PDF, 0.1 MB] v6.0 - UPDATED: 4-DEC-2014

Terran Alliance 'Heroes of Tarxon VI' Statistics [PDF, 0.1 MB] v6.0 - UPDATED: 4-DEC-2014

NOTE: The Carnage Damage Table is an optional method of making a game of Firestorm Taskforce even more deadly. We recommend it is used by players for competitive play.

Carnage Damage Table [JPEG, 0.1MB]

Zombie Army Pdf Free Download Pc

Firestorm Taskforce Stat Sheets [PDF, 0.9MB]

Firestorm Taskforce Desktop Wallpaper 1920x1080 [JPEG, 0.7MB]

Taskforce_Patrol_Fleets_May_2016 [PDF, 1.45MB]

Gaming Aids

Token Sheet 1 [JPEG, 1.0MB]

Token Sheet 2 [JPEG, 1.0MB]

Template Sheet [JPEG, 1.0MB]

TACs Compiled [PDF, 0.8MB] - UPDATED: 09-MAY-2014

Campaign form [PDF, 0.05MB] v1.2 - UPDATED: 24-FEB-2015


Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

The following Assembly Guides are designed to assist in the building of Spartan Scenics products:

Zombie Army Pdf Free Download Torrent

10-15mm Bunker Complex - 10-15mm Command Bunker Assembly Guide

Zombie Army Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

Ruined Residential Buildings - SGSS30 - Ruined Residential Building Assembly Guide

Zombie Army 4 For Pc

Ruined Industrial Building - SGSS31 - Ruined Industrial Building Assembly Guide