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A trucking invoice is sent (or delivered) by a trucker or their company to establish a payment obligation from their customer. It is a post-job billing form, unlike a proforma invoice, which is used for displaying what is owed ahead of time. The form shows what the client needs to pay, how the trucker charged for their service (commonly agreed upon ahead of time), and any payment information the trucker wishes to include. is based on whatever services are performed for the client.

The most popular way of charging for trucking is on a per-mile basis. This rewards truckers that are efficient in their travels, as the faster they reach their destination, the more their time is worth. However, accidents, bad weather, and other unforeseen events can cause delays, which the trucker isn’t necessarily reimbursed for. Other factors that can affect pricing include the total distance, the type of cargo, and any other special circumstances.

Download: Adobe PDF, MS Word (.docx), MS Excel (.xlsx)

There are a few specific steps you need to take if you are interested in starting your own trucking business. First of all, acquire your CDL license. You won’t get very far if you cannot legally drive a truck! Although you probably already have a driver’s license, a higher level of skill is needed to drive a big rig, and so you need this specialty license.

If you want to start a trucking business, make sure to have a business plan. Starting a trucking business involves more than just jumping in a truck and taking off down the road. Make sure you understand what is involved before you venture into this line of work. You need to determine what type of freight you will haul, as well as how big you want to build your business. Sometimes a smaller trucking business will actually be a bigger money maker because there is less overhead and fewer employees to pay.

The most important part of a trucking business is the truck itself. Choose wisely and know that you will have quite an expenditure for this. You can finance a car like you do a personal car or house, but do some research to get a vehicle that will fit well into your plan.

There is a lot of red tape to get through if you want to own a trucking company. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), an offshoot of the US Department of Transportation, has many regulations that you must adhere to in order to run a successful trucking business. First, you will need to acquire federal DOT and Motor Carrier Authority numbers. These allow you to haul cargo legally in the United States. Secondly, your Unified Carrier Registration will verify that you are covered for insurance for your truck. Understandably, insuring yourself and your truck is extremely important, as it protects both you, your company, and others on the road. The third license you will need is an IRP license, or International Registration Plan, so that you can freely move between states and across the country and most of Canada.

Taxes are always part of a business and need to be planned for. The Heavy Vehicle Use Tax governs any vehicle that weighs more than 55,000 pounds, so you will need to consider that. Speaking of taxes, The International Fuel Tax Agreement offers a decal that gives you a license for fuel across the country.

If you are still interested in owning a trucking company after jumping through all of these hoops of paperwork, you then need to find some freight to haul. There are load boards that can give you knowledge of specific jobs. Doing prospecting and networking could also net you some clients. Other ideas include. Get together with other fleet loads to see if you can find some work Finally, becoming a government contractor can also make you marketable for different cargo.

Most truck drivers charge by the mile. Make sure to factor in all of your expenses in order to determine your per-mile rate. Include the fixed costs of your trucking business like health insurance, insurance for your truck, your truck payment, leasing office space or garage, and any other expenses you pay every month.

The cost per mile should also include the variable costs, like the cost of fuel, your expenses for food and lodging, the cost of fixing the truck if it breaks, new tires, etc. The phrase “save for a rainy day” applies to the trucking industry because you never know when unexpected changes arise.

The amount of salary that truck drivers make is dependent on how long they have been on the job, how many accreditations they hold, and how much they hustle. According to data from 2019, CDL drivers make about 66,000 dollars a year. First-year drivers make about ten thousand less than that a year. Experience, bonuses, and whether or not a driver has been to truck driving school all play a role in their salary. Another way to haul in a bigger salary occurs if you are hauling hazardous materials, live animals, or anything that is out of the ordinary. You will always be compensated for going above and beyond the usual.


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