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Red Snow was a British thermonuclear weapon.[1] Its physics package was based on United States' W28 nuclear warhead[2] used in the B28 nuclear bomb and AGM-28 Hound Dog missile, with an explosive yield of approximately 1.8 megaton.

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The Red Snow warhead was developed after a September 1958 decision to adopt the US warhead for British use, following the 1958 US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement. It entered service in 1961, remaining in use until 1972, when it was replaced by the WE.177 bomb. Perhaps 150 were produced.

  1. The Winter of Red Snow Dear America RedSnow.blues.indd 1 6/8/10 2:07 PM. While the events described and some of the characters in this book may be based on actual historical events and real people, Abigail Jane Stewart is a fictional character, created by the author.
  2. 426 Free images of Cardinal. Related Images: bird nature wildlife red northern cardinal animal outdoors snow avian cardinal. Cardinal Bird Wildlife. Bird Cardinal Animal.

Red Snow was used as both a free-fall bomb and as the warhead of the Blue Steel missile.[1][3] In the gravity bomb role, it was fitted into the casing of the Yellow Sun weapon, even though the Red Snow warhead was considerably smaller than that of the original Yellow Sun bomb.

The Red Snow physics package was later reduced in size, weight and yield, and fitted with a smaller more modern primary, intended as a Red Beard replacement. Known as Una, this was later reduced in diameter and renamed Ulysses as the physics package intended for the UK warhead on the Skybolt project.[4]


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