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The Very Bad Book
AuthorAndy Griffiths
IllustratorTerry Denton
PublisherPan Macmillan Australia
31 August 2010
Preceded byThe Bad Book
Followed byThe Super Bad Book
(expected in 2011)

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The Very Bad Book is a 2010 book of short stories for children written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. The Very Bad Book is the sequel to Griffiths and Denton's 'The Bad Book' published in 2004. Griffiths has announced plans to release a third title in the series, The Super Bad Book, in 2011.[1]


  1. Vocabulary –After completing a picture walk of the book with the students, TTW go over important words from the story. TTW read sentences from the story with each word. TSW hold up vocabulary word that is called. TSW give their definition of the vocabulary word. No Good, Very Bad.
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Much like its predecessor, The Bad Book, which turned standard children's fairy tales and nursery rhymes on their head by rewriting them as the 'bad' version, this book contains a number of tales that are 'very bad'. The characters are very bad, the illustrations are very bad, and the poems and jokes are all very bad, all with the aim of delighting the children (and their parents) who will read this book. There are 51 stories, poems, jokes, etc. in all.


A beautifully illustrated picture book about chasing away bad dreams at bedtime. The Dream Pillow is a fun read for bedtime, or anytime. The suggestion provides a great idea to get children interested in writing stories too. This book is suitable for young children and is around 5 minutes reading tim.e with space for questions.

The Logan Reporter called The Very Bad Book '... actually very good',[2] noting that the trepidation some parents might feel at introducing their children to such bad characters is unfounded as the book makes clear through its absurdity that these characters are bad and not to be emulated.


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