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  1. The Thief And The Sword Pdf free. download full
  2. The Thief And The Sword PDF Free Download
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  5. The Thief And The Sword Pdf Free Download Pdf

H-Scene Count- 27 translated, 18 untranslated(and will never probably be) and the opening movie in the gallery

Created by Yukari, translated by Roguetranlsator

Length- 5-7 hours

A half translated game, Thief and Sword follows two girls(only one is translated, you lick at start who you play) through a myriad of bad ends and a choose your own adventure system.


The story of the thief character, Shalt, is the one I’ll focus on. Shalt is a part of a guild who had an important item stolen from them by a duke. Shalt is sent to retrieve the item and kill the duke if needed. When she arrives she finds the small town around his mansion to be quite and with almost zombified residents.


As the game is basically a choose your own adventure novel, you never even have to go to the town. At the end of every event you will get choices on what to do/go and these decide your adventure. The game has about 5 major areas and each contains a number of events you do as you progress through the story and each of those areas lead to a separate major area, so in any playthrough you will only visit 3 of them. There is no backtracking, and the goal of most of the adventure is to not die and gain weapons/healing items to use in the fights you encounter.

The combat is something like an action command system. You have up to 12 items( you have to sections in your inventory to choose from, but they don’t seem to affect anything.) equipped in battle each with different attack and defense values. You choose what to use and in the top left a gauge will appear. It will start to fill and you have to click when it is in the different colored area. Then three more pieces will show and depending on the one you stop it in you will do more/take less damage. Every item has a durability so you have to be careful using them.

The Thief And The Sword PDF Free Download

The actual best way to play is to unequip everything and find an easy fight early on. You will have a punch and kick command, and the more you use them the more they will level up until they become the best offense you really have.

One thing I find good is that the game does not have lose a battle rape scenes. Your choices will lead you to some game over rape scenes, but never do you have to lose a battle to get one. You must win every battle in the game save one, where you fight your goal a bit early.

The difference between the two characters is in h scenes, weapons and checks. Shalt is good with ranged weapons and small ones, the other girl large and heavy weapons, these skills effect the speed of the gauge for damge. Each girl gets her own h scenes, though they all share the same situations. Also, during the story you will run into checks that might kill you if you fail, each girl has different stats(and HP) to give bonuses in these. Other then that the girls adventure is exactly the same, though I do believe there are a small amount of events that change nothing big is different.

The game features a NG+ feature where when you beat the game with any of the girls real endings you get to restart with all your stuff you ended with with either story. This makes replays a breeze, as you will now have very good weapons and you can stock up on more healing items now that you have better defense items. Also if you leveled up your punches and kicks they transfer over to either character as well. You can also choose to not transfer stuff as well if you want a balanced or fair run, though to get all the scenes you need to use the transfer at least once or twice as sometimes items are needed in events before you can get them. Another NG+ feature is being able to turn flags on and off. These are special events that change other things that can happen and allow you to manipulate the story as you need to get to certain places and access some content. You must get a flag turned on once before you can manipulate it at will. These are all translated directly so they are hard to understand, but the events that need them will usually tell you which flag to turn on or off.

Certain events and flags also change what the girls are wearing. They can be naked, have piercings, or be covered in semen. This effects them in battle as they will moan and have different speeds for their gauges based on there dress.

The Thief And The Sword Pdf free. download full

Once you beat the game you unlock an arena mode that by beating you unlock some nice start of game weapons that can’t be gotten otherwise. These do test your skill as the battles get tough and some require precise use of items to make it through. The game also has achievements/titles but since they are not translated I don’t know how to get them all and so have not bothered.

The Thief And The Sword PDF Free Download

The Thief And The Sword PDF Free Download

H-Scenes and other things

H scenes are good quality, and all of them are rape from the girls perspective. Never do the girls want sex, they are always taken against their will and only sometimes are mind broken enough to enjoy it. They can be gangraped, raped by animals, or just by single humans. Tey do keep the scenes varied enough that you should never feel like you are reading the same scene twice. There is never any blood even though the girls are virgins and there is a scene where they get nipple piercings. The sound effects compliment the violence well, though some people might get turned off by the over the top stuff that sometimes happens.

The Thief And The Sword Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

The Thief And The Sword PDF Free Download

Thief and Sword is a very unique turn based RPG that I enjoyed a lot back when I first played it. If you like/can stomach the rape scenes this game plays well and can be quite enjoyable as you figure out what you can and can’t do. It is definitely worth a play if not just for the unique game style.

The Thief And The Sword Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader For Windows 10

Save contains only translated scenes, but all of them. Same with cgs and music, if I could get them in a translated scene I did, otherwise no. Also comes with my new game+ stuff, arena beaten, and a number of achievements that I found. If anyone finds a list of the achievements translated I will go back and get the ones I can.

The Thief And The Sword Pdf Free Download Pdf

Thief & Sword