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  1. The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf free. download full
  2. The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf Free Download Free
  3. The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf Free Download Pdf

Peak District

The Peak District has miles of picturesque footpaths to explore with routes to suit all ages and abilities and is therefore a great place to enjoy a walking holiday. The more energetic can enjoy hiking in the Dark Peak and enjoy spectacular views from Kinder Scout or Stanage Edge. For the less active or for those with children there are many charming walks along trails and more suitable paths, with equally spectacular views of some of the country’s most magnificent landscapes.

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There is also an abundance of walks around Landal Darwin Forest which is adjacent to Forestry Commission woodland.

Darwin Forest Walks

Darwin Forest is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday if you enjoy walking. We are surrounded by Forestry Commission woodland and have a circular Forest Trail and a shorter woodland walk that is perfect for young children. You can download the map below to see the short circular routesaround the park. This are marked by coloured squares to follow.

Beeley Moor & Halldale Woods

This 5 mile beautiful circular route takes you across the heather-clad expanse of Beeley Moor, with fantastic views in all directions. It then follows a quiet country lane into mature woodland, where a pretty wooden footbridge crosses a crystal-clear stream, before returning via forest trails.

Two Dales & Ladygrove Woods

This 5 mile circular walk from Landal Darwin Forest follows woodland paths and quiet roads down to the village of Two Dales (where you can also visit the Plough Inn) and back up through the wonderful Ladgrove Woods with spectacular waterfalls.

Bottom Moor & Kelstedge

This 8 mile circular walk takes you through Forest trails, open farm land and picturesque bridleways to the village of Kelstedge where you can visit the Kelstedge Inn or Marsh Green farmshop and cafe. You then return to the park via quiet country lanes and forest trails.

Whitesprings Plantation Walk

This 4 mile circular walk takes you on shady woodland trails through a mix of broadleaf and pine forests, home to an abundance of wildlife. There are pretty
streams along the way and wonderful views across the open countryside to Hall Dale and Beeley Moor.

Farley Woods, Bottom & Upper Moor

This wonderful 7 mile route takes you through Farley Wood and offers spectacular views across Matlock, before crossing the stream of Bentley Brook at a pretty footbridge. It then follows field paths through open countryside and forest trails back to the park.

Accessible Trails

Miles without Stiles routes, created by the Peak District National Park are suitable for people of all fitness levels and those with limited mobility, including wheelchair users, families with pushchairs and scooters and the visually impaired.

Beeley & Hellbank Plantation

This 3 mile lovely walk takes you out of the pretty village of Beeley on grassy field paths and along the edge of the moorland above Chatsworth House, with fabulous views back across the Derwent Valley. Thanks to Lets Go Peak District.

Carsington Reservoir

From Carsington Water Visitor Centre you can enjoy the short, family friendly, 3 mile route or the full 8 mile reservoir circuit which is all off road. Alternatively you can increase your route a little further and take in Hopton and Carsington Village. There is also a cafe, playground and visitor centre onsite.

Chatsworth Park

This 4 mile walk follows beautiful country paths on the Chatsworth Estate, passing through the charming villages of Calton Lees and Edensor. It provides spectacular views of Chatsworth House and the River Derwent, and there’s a good chance of seeing deer. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

Cocking Tor (Ashover)

This 9.5 mile Derbyshire walk is full of varied scenery, some of it spectacular, and covers some of the less well-known hills and valleys of the Derbyshire Dales. It also takes in some very interesting industrial archaeological remains in Lumsdale. Route:Thanks to Walking Britain

Cromford Canal and Black Rocks

A 6.8 mile walk that explores parts of Derbyshire's Industrial Heritage whilst also giving stunning and wide-ranging views that include Crich Stand, Black Rocks, Carsington Reservoir and the Derwent Valley. Route: Thanks to Walking Britain

Curbar, Baslow & Froggatt

This 8 mile walk offers some of the best views in the Peak District, across Froggatt Edge, Curbar Edge and Baslow Edge with the Derwent Valley laid out below. You can also just enjoy the 'Edges' section of this walk to take in the panoramic views. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods PDF Free Download


This 6 mile circular walk crosses the famous stepping stones in Dovedale and alongside the River Dove as it cuts between towering limestone crags, tracks through the grassy slopes of Hall Dale and passes through the picture-perfect village of Ilam. Route: Thanks to Let's Go Peak District.

Guided Walks

Enjoy a guided walk in the Peak District. Led by qualified instructors you can venture off the beaten track, learn about local history or ensure you take in the best views. My Guided Walksoffers walks and navigation training.

Hartington Walk

This 5.5 mile stunning walk starts and ends in the pretty village of Hartington. It takes you over fields and through woodland into Beresford Dale and Wolfscote Dale, where the path runs beside the River Dove. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

Kinder Downfall from Hayfield


This 9 mile Hayfield walk takes you to the highest point in the Peak District, via some of the most spectacular scenery. The route also takes you past Kinder Downfall, the highest waterfall in the Peak District, and through fascinating gritstone rock formations at Sandy Heys. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

Monyash & Lathkill Dale

This lovely 4 mile walk takes you out of the pretty village of Monyash on the Limestone Way, through classic White Peak scenery. It passes through part of Cales Dale before following the stunning Lathkill Dale past the source of the River, where it springs from a cave. Route: Thanks to Let's Go Peak District

Ladybower Walk

This lovely walk is on well-made paths and offers magnificent views. The route completes a circuit of one half of Ladybower Reservoir and passes the awe-inspiring Derwent Dam, scene of the practice flights for the famous Dambusters raids during WWII. Route: Thanks to Let's Go Peak District.

Lumsdale Waterfalls

Lumsdale Falls is home to a series of magnificent waterfalls, ponds and the ancient ruins of three mills. This area is of huge archaeological significance, here you will find one of the largest collections of water powered industrial mills in the country! Work continues to preserve this beautiful piece of English heritage.

Mam Tor and Cavedale

This 6 mile circular walk from Castleton goes through Cave Dale, up on to Mam Tor and along the iconic Great Ridge, from where there are magnificent views of the Hope Valley and Edale Valley, before descending back into Castleton. Route: Thanks to Let's Go Peak District.

Manifold Valley and Wetton Hill

The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf free. download full

This 5 mile circular walk from Wetton Mill is simply stunning, offering some of the very best views of the Manifold Valley including the iconic Thor's Cave that offers incredible views over the landscape. Route: Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

Monsal Trail Walk

The 6 mile walk starts and ends in Ashford in the Water, which is well served with tea rooms and pubs and has public toilets. It follows well-made paths up towards Monsal Head and over the iconic viaduct. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

Padley Gorge

Padley Gorge is a perfect fairy glade and children will love this 2 mile walk. A shallow stream crossed by footbridges is perfect for paddling, there are trees to climb, a rope swing and even a magical money tree. Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

Robin Hoods Stride

This 3 mile walk is great adventurous kids and grown-ups! There are trees to climb, huge rocks to scramble over, a hermit’s cave to explore, a rope swing to play on and there are fantastic views from the top. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf Free Download Free

Tideswell & Cressbrook Dale

This lovely 6 mile walk starts and ends in Tideswell village. It goes through beautiful Tideswell Dale, past Litton Mill and on to the Monsal Trail. Route:Thanks to Lets Go Peak District

by Greg Suchy
(Akron, OH)

The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf Free Download Pdf

Forest Waterfalls Meditation Script
Read slowly takes about 8 minutes.
Get as comfortable as you can in your chair. Let your hands rest loosely in your lap. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a moment. Then let it go completely.
Take another deep breath, and as you do, imagine you are breathing in pure love. As you exhale, you are sending out forgiveness.
Take a third deep breath in and hold it for a moment. As you exhale completely you feel all of the worries of the day being released and a sensation of relaxation beginning to fill your body.
It enters at the top of your head and spreads down over your face, neck and shoulders.
This relaxing feeling now expands along your back, down your legs and out through your feet.
It is as if relaxation is a constant flow of soothing energy entering from your head and passing out through your toes.
Continue to breathe softly as we go on a journey in our minds.
Picture the view from the front porch of a log cabin deep in the woods at the base of a lush, green mountain. You are on vacation and for this trip you are leaving all of your worldly cares and concerns behind you.
The smell of the pine trees in the warm morning sun is pleasant as you sit in your comfortable chair, enjoying the peace and serenity that surrounds you.
Fog gently rolls off the mountain side as the sun evaporates the morning dew.
Birds are singing and their song seems to call you into the forest.
You slowly rise from your chair and walk down the 3 steps that lead to the ground below.
There is a path near the cabin that leads into a dense part of the forest. The trees are so thick that you can’t see very far down the path.
As you enter the path a cool moist breeze gently caresses your face, bringing with it a sweet smelling fragrance.
The path meanders along through the woods, curving around giant old trees with flowering vines stringing through them and forming a beautiful canopy above you that stretches in every direction.
A rabbit lazily hops by you with 8 little ones following closely behind her. They stop and turn toward you, as if they have no fear of you. Then they turn a continue on their journey, disappearing behind some small shrubs.
You walk further through the woods and in the distance you can hear the sound of rushing water. You leave the path and walk in the direction of the water.
As you near the water, the canopy of the forest opens up to reveal a soft blue sky. Not a cloud in sight.
In this opening, a creek cascades off the edge of a cliff and gently falls into a clear pool, surrounded by rocks. On the other side of the pond you see some deer drinking the cool, fresh water as dragon flies flutter across the surface of the ripping pool.
The water flows away into the forest, nourishing all that live within it. There is an opening in the cliff behind the waterfalls. The morning sun is feeling very warm, so you decide to find relief in the cool shelter of the rock.
Behind the water the air is very cool and moist. It soothes your skin from the heat of the sun.
Looking through the water you can see all the colors of the rainbow performing an elegant dance as the sun’s light reflects off the water.
Even the trees and rocks on the other side seem to be melting into various shapes and colors as the water glides through the air. You reach out your hand to touch the water and find it to be a pleasant temperature.
Without thinking, you take a few steps forward and stand inside the water as it falls around you to the earth. You take a drink of the water and it tastes clean and pure. Refreshing after your walk through the forest.
As you look out at the pond from the waterfalls you notice frogs jumping into the water and turtles basking in the sun on some of the rocks. Their shells shine in the bright sun.
Being in the presence of such majesty fills your heart with joy and gratitude. You are overcome by feelings of peace and serenity. Continue to look around you at the glorious view, enjoying every moment.
An eagle soars above you, effortlessly floating in the breeze.
As you step out of the water and back into the warm sun, you notice a flower covered bush with colorful butterflies surrounding it. This truly is a magnificent place.
But it is time to head back to the cabin, so you walk back in the direction of the path. Back into the cool forest.
Squirrels are leaping through the trees in a playful game.
Walking further, you can see the entrance to the forest next to the cabin.
You leave the woods and slowly walk up the steps to the porch, sitting once more where you began the day, in the comfortable chair. But now you have a feeling of peace and joy.
Remember that you can return to a place of peace any time you want by simply closing your eyes and saying to yourself “I can choose peace, rather than this”.
Take one last deep breath and as you exhale, begin to wiggle your toes and fingers. When you are ready, open your eyes.