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The Secret of the Waterfall in the Woods PDF Free downloadThePdf
  • Forest Waterfall. Read slowly takes about 8 minutes. Get as comfortable as you can in your chair. Let your hands rest loosely in your lap. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a moment. Then let it go completely. Take another deep breath, and as you do, imagine you are breathing in pure love. As you exhale, you are sending out.
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  • Reviewer: Minju Aavani - favorite favorite favorite - May 24, 2021 Subject: The Secret of the Waterfall in the Woods Mouseford Academy is planning a spring field trip to the waterfall in the forest, but angry bears are chasing people!

The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods PDF Free Download

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The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods PDF Free Download

by Greg Suchy
(Akron, OH)

Forest Waterfalls Meditation Script
Read slowly takes about 8 minutes.
Get as comfortable as you can in your chair. Let your hands rest loosely in your lap. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. Hold it for a moment. Then let it go completely.
Take another deep breath, and as you do, imagine you are breathing in pure love. As you exhale, you are sending out forgiveness.
Take a third deep breath in and hold it for a moment. As you exhale completely you feel all of the worries of the day being released and a sensation of relaxation beginning to fill your body.
It enters at the top of your head and spreads down over your face, neck and shoulders.
This relaxing feeling now expands along your back, down your legs and out through your feet.
It is as if relaxation is a constant flow of soothing energy entering from your head and passing out through your toes.
Continue to breathe softly as we go on a journey in our minds.
Picture the view from the front porch of a log cabin deep in the woods at the base of a lush, green mountain. You are on vacation and for this trip you are leaving all of your worldly cares and concerns behind you.
The smell of the pine trees in the warm morning sun is pleasant as you sit in your comfortable chair, enjoying the peace and serenity that surrounds you.
Fog gently rolls off the mountain side as the sun evaporates the morning dew.
Birds are singing and their song seems to call you into the forest.
You slowly rise from your chair and walk down the 3 steps that lead to the ground below.
There is a path near the cabin that leads into a dense part of the forest. The trees are so thick that you can’t see very far down the path.
As you enter the path a cool moist breeze gently caresses your face, bringing with it a sweet smelling fragrance.
The path meanders along through the woods, curving around giant old trees with flowering vines stringing through them and forming a beautiful canopy above you that stretches in every direction.
A rabbit lazily hops by you with 8 little ones following closely behind her. They stop and turn toward you, as if they have no fear of you. Then they turn a continue on their journey, disappearing behind some small shrubs.
You walk further through the woods and in the distance you can hear the sound of rushing water. You leave the path and walk in the direction of the water.
As you near the water, the canopy of the forest opens up to reveal a soft blue sky. Not a cloud in sight.
In this opening, a creek cascades off the edge of a cliff and gently falls into a clear pool, surrounded by rocks. On the other side of the pond you see some deer drinking the cool, fresh water as dragon flies flutter across the surface of the ripping pool.
The water flows away into the forest, nourishing all that live within it. There is an opening in the cliff behind the waterfalls. The morning sun is feeling very warm, so you decide to find relief in the cool shelter of the rock.
Behind the water the air is very cool and moist. It soothes your skin from the heat of the sun.
Looking through the water you can see all the colors of the rainbow performing an elegant dance as the sun’s light reflects off the water.
Even the trees and rocks on the other side seem to be melting into various shapes and colors as the water glides through the air. You reach out your hand to touch the water and find it to be a pleasant temperature.
Without thinking, you take a few steps forward and stand inside the water as it falls around you to the earth. You take a drink of the water and it tastes clean and pure. Refreshing after your walk through the forest.
As you look out at the pond from the waterfalls you notice frogs jumping into the water and turtles basking in the sun on some of the rocks. Their shells shine in the bright sun.
Being in the presence of such majesty fills your heart with joy and gratitude. You are overcome by feelings of peace and serenity. Continue to look around you at the glorious view, enjoying every moment.
An eagle soars above you, effortlessly floating in the breeze.
As you step out of the water and back into the warm sun, you notice a flower covered bush with colorful butterflies surrounding it. This truly is a magnificent place.
But it is time to head back to the cabin, so you walk back in the direction of the path. Back into the cool forest.
Squirrels are leaping through the trees in a playful game.
Walking further, you can see the entrance to the forest next to the cabin.
You leave the woods and slowly walk up the steps to the porch, sitting once more where you began the day, in the comfortable chair. But now you have a feeling of peace and joy.
Remember that you can return to a place of peace any time you want by simply closing your eyes and saying to yourself “I can choose peace, rather than this”.
Take one last deep breath and as you exhale, begin to wiggle your toes and fingers. When you are ready, open your eyes.


The Secret Of The Waterfall In The Woods Pdf free. download full

The Waterfall
The city of Zarion is different from other cities. Although from the outside it looks normal, and even on the outskirts, you would think nothing of it. But as you go toward the middle it becomes strange. It's as if an overwhelming power is there, drawing you in, closer and closer. And when you finally reach the center, you see that there is this huge Waterfall. At least, that's the only word in our language that would begin to describe it.
It's big, and lovely, and wonderful. It calls to you, always reaching out to you. And the best part about it is, one can actually go into it. When you step inside of it you don't become wet or uncomfortable, it's more like what was reaching out to you wrapped its arms around you in a tender embrace. Which it does. There is a Being in the center of the Waterfall, always waiting for the citizens of Zarion to come, to enter the Waterfall, to spend time with Him. He is almighty and He knows everything.
But the Waterfall is not the only thing characteristic about Zarion. Outside of Zarion live dragons that wish to kill everyone. The Being in the Waterfall never allowed any of the adult dragons to pass over the walls of the city, but because the first people who entered the city wronged the Being, the Being had to punish them. The punishment was that although the adult dragons could not harm them unless they left the city, the dragons could lay their eggs there. The eggs were laid alongside the city walls, on the inner part.
People who spent time in the Waterfall each day found the eggs ugly and revolting, and they were to take an axe and throw it into the Waterfall, then go to destroy the egg. If they didn't take the axe to the Waterfall, it would be useless and shatter as soon as the blade made contact with the leathery shell.
Now in the city lived a girl, no older than 20, whose name was Gomar. Gomar spent every day at the Waterfall, often in the mornings because she found it more peaceful. But one day, Gomar was very busy, and didn't have time to go to the Waterfall. One day won't hurt. She thought as she climbed into bed that night. Periodically, this happened. Every so often she would skip a day. Soon it happened more and more, and finally, she stopped going to the Waterfall altogether.
So one morning, instead of going to the Waterfall, Gomar wandered away from it, towards the outskirts of town. When she came to the city wall, she noticed something. A dragon egg. In her mind she knew that she should destroy it right away, but she found it somehow beautiful and appealing. She picked it up, staring at it. She was by the wall the whole day, just looking at her egg. When someone would pass (which rarely happened) Gomar would hide the egg from view. At the end of the day, she knew she had to go home, so she reluctantly dug a hole and set the egg gently inside. Then she buried it and hurried off.
Day after day she went to look at the egg. She sat so mesmerized one time that she didn't even notice her friend Elisha come up.
'Gomar! What are you doing? That's a dragon's egg!' he cried, startling her.
'What? Oh, no it isn't.' she lied.
'Yes it is. It needs to be destroyed before the dragon hatches.' Elisha tried to wrench it from her fingers.
'NO!' she yelled, pulling the egg closer to her, 'You shall not have it!'
'Gomar! What are you doing?' Elisha exclaimed, frustrated.
'Leave me alone, Elisha!' Gomar turned her back on him.
'Gomar, you need to visit the Waterfall.' He said, gentler.
'I said go away.' Gomar didn't turn.
Elisha sighed, then walked away sadly, murmuring, 'Gomar, it's never too late to go back…'
After that encounter Gomar dug the hole a little deeper. Each day she dug it deeper than the last, placing the egg at the furthest point down. Soon she wasn't even piling the dirt over the egg anymore, it was just a gaping hole in the ground. No one wanted to go that deep into the earth to investigate what was happening, so it was left there.
Finally, one day, the egg hatched. Gomar watched in awe as the dragon lifted its head. And it was suddenly not appealing anymore. It was horrible and terrible. It commanded her, 'Dig.' And so she dug. Day and night she dug, with only her hands. When she wasn't moving fast enough for the dragon, he would spit flames on her. Still she dug. Her fingernails tore off, her hair was burnt, and her skin was red and blistering. She was dirty, tired, helpless against the beast. No one could hear her screams of terror and of pain. She was alone with this monster. This monster that she brought into being. It no longer just spit flame on her for going slowly, but it also burned her for fun.
Deeper and deeper she delved. And then she collapsed, finally out of energy, strength, everything. It would be better to die then to go on another day. She was barely holding on, the dragon looking menacingly at her. And in that most desperate moment, Elisha's words came back in her head, resounding like a gong, Gomar, it's never too late to go back… It wasn't too late according to Elisha, but look at what she'd done, at what she'd created. Surely the Being in the Waterfall, so humble, so pure, so kind, surely he wouldn't take her back now. But then she remembered something that He Himself had told her on one of their morning talks, long ago. Call upon me and I will answer you. Seek me and you shall find me.
Before Gomar breathed her last, she called out, 'Help me!' Finally, she'd cried out, the Being in that Waterfall had been waiting. As soon as the words left her mouth he was there. She could feel his presence, so strong, so powerful, and yet so reassuring. The dragon screamed in pain and disappeared. Then the Being from the Waterfall gathered Gomar into His arms and carried her back to the Waterfall. She spent time apologizing and thanking the great, almighty Being. And He forgave everything. When she was forgiven, she was also healed. Her hair was long and lovely again, her fingernails grew back, her skin stopped burning. She felt renewed, invigorated. So invigorated in fact, that for the rest of her life, she shared her story with anyone willing to listen. And that is how it came to me and that is why I'm telling it to you. Remember, it's never too late to enter the Waterfall, to call out to the Almighty One.