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Free Survival eBook PDFs for Download. I want to give you even more free info. There are dozens, if not hundreds of survival manuals out there written by professionals in their fields that have been scanned as PDFs. I couldn’t keep them for myself so here they are, all in one place. Medical Courses-Us Army. Bee Journal (American) Farming-GrapesWineRaisins. Bee Journal (British) Farming-Potato and Sweet Potato. I've collected a bunch of free survival pdf links. By a bunch I mean a little over one hundred. I took old broken websites for free survival material on an r/survival post and found them again through the wayback machine. Here are the books I've found so far. Not all of these links are hosted by me, so let me know if any break. The links below will direct you to a fountain of information for each topic ready and waiting for you to download it for offline viewing. This information could form the core of your electronic survival library, so start putting it together today. Note that all articles, reviews and manuals are in Adobe PDF format. Survival MD pdf FREE - is this program scam or worth?Link to official site of Survival MD pdf FREE: affiliate linkThe only complete medical field survival g.

Prepping can be expensive, so any time we find something that is free we like to share it with our readers. The Survival and Austere Medicine PDF is free and available for download.

Arguably one of the most important factors of prepping for a SHTF situation is knowing how to provide basic medical care. This is a rather basic understanding amongst preppers – infection kills, and injuries happen – and as a result, most of us have made medical supplies, knowledge, and skills a priority within our own prepping budget.

Medical Know-How for SHTF

The easiest solution to this is to just throw money at the issue. Anybody can just go out and buy or build a fully stocked medic bag, but this in and of itself does not mean that you are prepared for post-collapse medical care. All it means is that you have a bag full of tools.

If you’ve ever taken up a new form of manual labor (e.g. woodturning, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work), when you’ve walked down the tool aisle at your local store you’ve likely been completely dumbfounded by some of the tools you’ve seen.

Survival PDF Free Download

Not only did you not know what they were, but you had absolutely no idea how to use them safely.

The same can be said for medical equipment. Having it most certainly does some good but knowing how to use it allows you to do the most good with it. You don’t need to take a full disaster life support training class (though it can’t hurt), but you should at least have knowledge-based medical resources, something beyond just tools.

Survival and Austere Medicine PDF

It’s because of this that I recommend doing as much as you can to learn as much as you can when it comes to disaster healthcare. One of the means by which you want to do this is by downloading Survival and Austere Medicine by the authors of

This is a free 213-page PDF download that I’ve found to be an absolutely fantastic reference for those interested in staying alive post-collapse (whatever that collapse may be). There’s quite simply no reason not to download it. Once you do, add it to your digital bug out USB.

Sample Information Included

I work in healthcare, and I still found the information to be both original and informative. This PDF book is packed full of information that is well-worth studying. For example, if you’re preparing your own private medical kit, one of the items that you’re most likely to be concerned about is medications. They’re something that many people absolutely have to have in order to live and can be incredibly difficult – if not downright impossible – to access post-disaster. If you run out of your prescription, you’re screwed.

Here are some sample topics covered in Survival and Austere Medicine

How to Get Extra Prescriptions for the Apocalypse

This PDF tells you what steps you need to take to get your doctor to be willing to increase the amount you get for your prescription. A chief example of this would be to buy a boat. Boats that are capable of international travel (e.g. sailboats) often need their own field hospital, and they need this to be well stocked. If you have a boat and tell your doctor that you would like it to be fully stocked for potential travel, you have a much better chance of getting a larger amount of your life-necessary medication than you might otherwise.

Expired Medication Is NOT the Same as Expired Food

There are notes within on stored medication expiration dates, and what the consequences could be for taking an expired pill. I’d never known that aspirin gradually grows more and more toxic the longer it is stored after its expiration date. You likely didn’t either. This is the kind of information that you need to stay on top of if you’re going to ‘first, do no harm’ when it comes to post-collapse healthcare.

EDC Trauma Kit

There are several very good lists within the text as well for a tiered approach to building your own medical kit. At the very basic level is a trauma kit designed for those who live in a world where armed encounters are likely to be common. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really know as much about that kind of healthcare as I would like. There’s the potential to save a lot of lives with that kind of information.

Survival PDF Free Download

Antibiotics and Colloidal Silver

Free Survival Guides Pdf Downloads

I appreciated what the doc had to say on colloidal silver (I agree wholeheartedly), and found his discussion of antibiotics to be well worth the download alone. I speak from experience when I say that it’s very difficult to remember the names of various medications, what their side effects are, when they are used, and the proper dosages.

This is an area where you can’t really afford to make mistakes. However, if you’ve saved a PDF of this file to your encrypted USB drive, or printed it out, you’ll be set with the knowledge right at your fingertips should you ever need it.


Making a Surgical Environment That Won’t Kill People

There was an in-depth discussion on what it takes to distill your own water, create some of your own medical equipment, and to form a sterile environment. For someone who has spent a good amount of time studying medical history and infectious agents, I can attest to the necessity of this kind of knowledge. This know-how can easily save somebody from having to suffer a drawn out and very painful end.

Health and Shelter Environments

I was also impressed with some of the more holistic aspects of post-disaster healthcare that this book discussed. For example, living within confined spaces – such as in a shelter after a nuclear bomb – creates its own set of healthcare issues and stressors.

I touched on this within my own book The Faithful Prepper: A Christian’s Perspective on Prepping, and it was interesting to see a doctor acknowledge some of the difficulties that I’d written about myself.

The Off-Grid Dentist and the Benefits of Further Reading

Other unique aspects of post-collapse healthcare include: how to do basic dental work such as filling a cavity via hand tools only, how to care for nursing level patients, and much more. For those areas that fell outside the scope of this book, the authors give a very detailed “Further Reading” section that will point you in the right direction.

So many times I find authors who will tell you to read this, or to read that, at the end of their works, but they never really tell you why. I always appreciate it when an author takes the time to explain why this particular work is important, and what it will help you to learn.

Additional Free PDF Medical Downloads

I think you’ll agree with me in thinking that it’s most certainly worth it. Don’t forget to have the final B covered in beans, bullets, and Band-aids. This book will help to give you the information so that you don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do when you need to know most.

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Have you already read these books? Do you have other thoughts on the subject or prior experience? Let us know in the comments below!