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A Good Fit: Adapter, Delta IV Rocket Test Article Successfully Connected for Exploration Flight Test-1
By Shannon Ridinger and Megan Davidson

It was a good fit for a spacecraft adapter and a Delta IV test article, as two critical elements of Exploration Flight Test (EFT)-1 were successfully connected during a fit check June 26 at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

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Image right: An adapter is lowered onto a ULA Delta IV test article for a fit check June 26 at one of Marshall's testing facilities. The adapter will join the Orion spacecraft to the ULA Delta IV rocket for EFT-1 next year. (NASA/MSFC/Fred Deaton)

The adapter will join the Orion spacecraft to a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV rocket, which is being constructed at ULA's facility in Decatur, Ala., and will launch Orion on the 2014 flight test. The same adapter technology later will connect Orion to the Space Launch System (SLS) -- a new heavy-lift rocket managed and in development at Marshall that will be capable of sending Orion into deep space.

During EFT-1, Orion will travel to an altitude of approximately 3,600 miles above Earth's surface, farther than any spacecraft built for humans has gone in more than 40 years. It will provide engineers with early flight performance data before the spacecraft is flown in 2017. Together, Orion and SLS will allow future explorers to travel farther into our solar system than ever before.

'Great work is being done in North Alabama in preparation for EFT-1,' said Mark Geyer, Orion Program manager from NASA's Johnson Space Center. 'The capabilities of the Orion spacecraft and SLS launch vehicle will open exciting deep space destinations, including sending humans to an asteroid, and ultimately sending humans to Mars.'

The adapter weighs about 1,000 pounds and is being designed and built at Marshall. ULA delivered a full-size test section of the rocket in early June specifically for the June 26 adapter fit check.

Image left: Participating in the adapter fit check, and seeing the adapter, background, that will be used for the first flight of SLS are, from left, Larry Gagliano, deputy project manager for the Orion Launch Abort System and Orion lead at the Marshall Center; Mark Geyer, Orion Program manager at Johnson Space Center; Cleon Lacefield, vice president and Orion Program manager at Lockheed Martin Corp. of Bethesda, Md.; Daniel Collins, chief operating officer for ULA; and David Beaman, manager of the SLS Spacecraft & Payload Integration Office at the Marshall Center. The Orion spacecraft is being built by Lockheed Martin Corp. (NASA/MSFC/Fred Deaton)

'The fit check we had [June 26] was successful and gets us even closer to launch,' said Kris Walsh, EFT-1 program manager for ULA. 'We are thrilled to be a part of the team that is getting Orion ready for its first orbital flight test.'

For more information on Orion, visit

For more information on SLS, visit

Ridinger is a public affairs officer and Davidson is an Analytical Services Inc. employee, both in the Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications.


Marshall Team Members Accomplish the Mission to Give Back

Annette Metcalf Coffel is a paralegal specialist in the Office of the Chief Counsel at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. She volunteers with, and is president of the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) at Post 2702 in Huntsville. The Ladies Auxiliary serves veterans and their families, promotes pride in America and provides community service projects for veterans, active duty soldiers and their families. Metcalf Coffel became involved in the organization after her husband, a retired submarine sailor, became a member of the VFW. A non-profit organization, the VFW is made up of combat veterans promoting issues ranging from citizenship and patriotism for youth to benefits for veterans. (NASA/MSFC)

Chris James is a business analyst in Marshall's Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications. James volunteers as a coach for 9 and 10 year olds with the Cal Ripken baseball program, a developmental program designed to teach baseball fundamentals. He also volunteers with the Upward Christian basketball league at Wales Baptist Church in Pulaski, Tenn. His son, Christopher James, is a baseball player in the program. (NASA/MSFC)

By day, Dan Irwin, right with his daughter, Briana, works for Marshall in the Science & Technology Office and leads the SERVIR project, which uses satellite data to help developing countries better manage their resources. By night, weekends -- and whatever spare time is left -- Irwin's passion is making the world a little bit better place by providing opportunities to kids in San Andres, Petén, Guatemala -- a pueblo he fell in love with 20 years ago. In the past, Irwin led efforts to build a children's library, community boat service and small businesses in San Andres to provide economic alternatives to cutting down the rainforest. Recognizing that play areas are magical spaces for children that build creativity and inspire imagination, Irwin's dream -- together with colleagues from NASA and a group of University of Alabama in Huntsville students -- is to give the children of San Andres a world-class playground. For more information or to support this project visit: (NASA/MSFC)

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When Jeff Spencer, a technical assistant for external interface integration for the SLS Program Chief Engineers Office, isn't working to get the Space Launch System (SLS) to its first flight in 2017, he's taking to the skies for a different mission -- saving the lives of animals. Spencer has been a volunteer since 2010 for Pilots N Paws. Through the organization, private pilots provide free transport to abused, neglected and homeless animals, and to the people who rescue, shelter or foster those animals. The organization has 2,466 pilot volunteers and 8,281 rescuers. Spencer has rescued approximately 100 dogs through volunteering with the organization. (Special to the Star/Jeff Spencer)

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While Tannen VanZwieten uses her mind and her doctorate degree as part of Marshall's Spacecraft and Vehicle Systems Department to design control systems for American launch vehicles, her heart belongs to Africa. In 2003, after short trips there to participate in projects such as HIV education programs, she decided to form a non-profit organization, Life Restoration Partners International. The aim was to allow her and others to collaborate with local community leaders and have a long-term impact on African lives. The faith-based, non-denominational organization supports orphanages in Zambia and Tanzania with the goals of providing for children's basic needs and empowering vulnerable households by helping them learn skills, such as sustainable farming, that lead to independence. Website: (NASA/MSFC)

When Whitney Young, right, a technical assistant for the Flight Programs and Partnerships Office at Marshall, was asked to sing with friends at a women's retreat, she thought they would sing the three requested songs and that would be it. Seven years later, 'Sister Grace,' as the group is now formally known, has recorded a CD and performed many benefit concerts to raise money for various charities and causes. Young is an original member of the group. Other members are, from left, Pam Ennis, Stephanie Fenton and Tina Swindell. Swindell works at the Marshall Center as the programmatic integration coordinator for NIRPS in the Flight Programs and Partnerships Office. In addition to her work with 'Sister Grace,' Young volunteers in her community, including donating many hours to help with cleanup after tornadoes tore through her native Limestone County in 2011. (NASA/MSFC)

Marshall Team Encouraged to Take High Risk Conflict Resolution Training to Learn About Workplace Violence

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A workplace violence prevention awareness class is now being offered at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

The High Risk Conflict Resolution Training is a four-hour, hands-on seminar where attendees will learn what to do if faced with a critical incident of violence at work.

The class is designed for all Marshall team members, especially supervisors, managers and human resource specialists. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

'This is a great training opportunity in which all can benefit,' said Diana Simpson, Marshall's workplace violence prevention program coordinator in the Protective Services Office. 'Participants will examine previous workplace violence incidents, learn the behavior of offenders, and practice verbal and physical tactics to survive a critical incident of violence in the workplace.

'Everyone wants to be safe in their work environment,' she added. 'The key to preventing a violent situation from occurring is 'Awareness+Action = Prevention.' This seminar will increase the participants' knowledge on what actions to take before and/or during a dangerous event.'

Morning or afternoon sessions will be in Building 4627 on July 16, 8 a.m.-noon; July 17, noon-4 p.m.; July 23, 8 a.m.-noon; and July 24, noon-4 p.m.

The training also includes voluntary physical skill drills and practical exercises to overcome conflicts in the office environment. Participants should wear clothing and footwear suitable for physical activity if one plans to take part in the physical activities.

Team members can sign up for the training through SATERN. For questions, contact Shawn Jayne, captain training coordinator, at 544-1961 or at [email protected]

Marshall to Sponsor Huntsville Stars Baseball Game July 12; Free Tickets Available

July 12 is 'Huntsville Stars NASA Night' at Joe Davis Stadium in Huntsville -- and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center invites team members and their families to gather for an evening of baseball and camaraderie.

The Huntsville Stars will take on the Birmingham Barons, with game time set for 6:43 p.m. CDT. The stadium is at 3125 Leeman Ferry Road, off Memorial Parkway in Huntsville. Parking is $4 per car. For driving directions or other game information, visit the Huntsville Stars' official website.

Two hundred free tickets will be available at the Space Shop in Building 4203 from July 8-12, while supplies last. Each badged Marshall Center team member may pick up two tickets. The Space Shop is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Marshall team members also may show their badges at the stadium on game day to purchase $4 discount tickets. Regular tickets are $8.

Marshall Center Director Patrick Scheuermann will throw out the first pitch of the game. The center also will host exhibit tables outside the stadium, showcasing the work of the center. Exhibitors will include the Space Launch System Program Office, the Centennial Challenges Program, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Marshall SERVIR team and other Marshall organizations. The exhibits will be open from 6 p.m. through the sixth inning.

On-site giveaways will include autographed pictures of NASA astronaut T.J. Creamer, a payload operations director in Marshall's newly refurbished Payload Operations Integration Center. Creamer will be available before and at the start of the game to take pictures with fans.

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The evening's event will close with a fireworks display sponsored by Fox 54.

Marshall's 'NASA Night' activities and exhibits are organized for the center by the Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications and the Marshall Exchange.

Fireworks and Fourth of July Fun, but Don't Forget Safety First

The July Fourth holiday is upon us and it's time to take a break and have some fun! As we celebrate the birth of our nation, it's common for families and friends to get together for picnics or grilling out, outings to the lake or swimming pools, boating and fireworks galore. It's easy to think safety while you're having fun!

Remember, this is a hot time of year so pay attention to what your body is telling you and be on the lookout for dehydration and heat stress. Also, sun can be fun but too much can be dangerous. If you plan to be in the sun, be sure to use sunscreen to protect you from sunburn.

Be sensitive to dangers from improperly prepared food or food that has been left unrefrigerated too long. Boating and swimming can be great fun but also can be very dangerous so make sure you're applying safe boating and swimming practices. And fireworks are explosives and can be dangerous if not handled properly so make sure you use safe practices when storing, handling or shooting fireworks.

If you need information on how to be safe on your Fourth of July, the websites listed below will provide you with more detailed information. Everyone have a relaxing and fun time, stay safe and injury free, and come back to work from your holiday rested and rejuvenated!

Picnicking and Food Safety -

Grilling Safety -

Heat Stress -

Sun Safety -

Boating Safety:

Swimming Safety:

Fireworks Safety:

Star Spangled Spectacle

From wagons to walking, children from the Marshall Child Development Center took to the streets for their annual Fourth of July parade. Kidsand their parents paraded around the development center July 2 to kick off their holiday a couple of days early.The annual event allows kids to dress up -- not only themselves -- but their rides in red, white and blue.The decked-out wagons and tricked-out trikes circled the center waving flags and generating smiles all along the route.'You can't help but grin from ear to ear when you see how much fun our children have with this,' said Kelli Wright, director of the Marshall Child Development Center. 'It's an honor to be able to show our pride and show-off our sweet children for this big event.' Team members from the Marshall Space Flight Center's Facilities Management Office made signs and also provided popsicles and bottled water for the patriotic paraders. (NASA/MSFC/Ray Downward)


Ernest Ray Tanner, 78, of Cullman died June 20. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1989 as an aerospace engineer. He is survived by his wife, Mary Zinsmeister Tanner.

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Mary Elizabeth Owen Chamness, 89, of Athens died June 25. She retired from the Marshall Center in 1981 as a secretary. She is survived by her husband, Leo E. Chamness.

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Royce Everett Mitchell, 76, of Huntsville died June 25. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1993 as an aerospace engineer. He is survived by his wife, Sue Mitchell.

Earl E. Thompson, 82, of Huntsville died June 28. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1969 as an equipment operator. He is survived by his wife, Loveal Thompson.

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