Magic Tree House Collection, Books 25-29 PDF Free Download

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  1. For the first time in graphic novel–live the adventure again in the very first Magic Tree House book, with new art from comic artists Kelly and Nichole Matthews! Download the guide! Random House Children's Books.
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Magic Tree House Book List Pdf

Lesson Plan / #21, Civil War on Sunday

Magic Tree House Collection, Books 25-29 PDF Free Download

Magic Tree House Collection, Books 25-29 PDF Free Download

Lesson Plan / #22, Revolutionary War on Wednesday


Lesson Plan / #23, Twister on Tuesday

Lesson Plan / #24, Earthquake in the Early Morning

Lesson Plan / #25, Stage Fright on a Summer Night


Lesson Plan / #26, Good Morning, Gorillas

Lesson Plan / #27, Thanksgiving on Thursday

Lesson Plan / #28, Hide Tide in Hawaii

Lesson Plan / #29, A Big Day for Baseball

Lesson Plan / #30, Hurricane Heroes in Texas

Lesson Plan / #31, Warriors in Winter

Lesson Plan / #32, To The Future, Ben Franklin!

Lesson Plan / #33, Narwhal on a Sunny Night

Magic Tree House Collection, Books 25-29 PDF Free download

Lesson Plan / #34, Late Lunch with Llamas

Magic Tree House Collection Books 1-8

Lesson Plan / #35, Camp Time in California

Lesson Plan / #M01, Christmas in Camelot

Lesson Plan / #M02, Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve

Lesson Plan / #M03, Summer of the Sea Serpent

Lesson Plan / #M04, Winter of the Ice Wizard

Lesson Plan / #M05, Carnival at Candlelight

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Victoria Lee Author Post

Magic Tree House Pdf Books

When I was in high school, I ate all my lunches in the library. Most of my friends weren’t on the same lunch schedule as I was, plus my creative writing independent study was the period right after lunch, so it kind of made sense—I could go in early, eat there, and read. Then, when the bell rang, I’d be ideally situated to start working on my book. I got to know the librarians, a couple named Mr. and Mrs. Larson, pretty well during that time; they’d frequently bring in secret doughnuts that were only meant to be shared with those of us who basically lived in the library, who came to school early so we could browse the stacks, who checked out so many books every week that the Larsons had to raise the weekly limit just for us.

I was also struggling with depression.

And maybe that had more to do with my library lunches than I could admit.

Felicity, the main character in A Lesson in Vengeance, also struggles with depression. I can see reflections of my younger self in her: the way she self-isolates, how she constructs these narratives for her own life, ones she thinks are maybe more palatable than the truth. She, like myself, loses herself in literature, in other worlds that aren’t her own, where she doesn’t have to exist in the space of her own body and life.

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