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Download File PDF Charmed A Reverse Harem Fairy Tale Retelling Haven Realm Book 2Realm Book 2) youre drawn into the story right from the first chapter. Young portrays the city of Utaara so well I was able to imagine myself living there and experience what her. Along the way she takes on wicked stepsisters, fairy-tale creatures, and handsome princes, eventually earning her own happy ending through tenacity and determination. Tags: before midnight, cinderella stories, fairy tales, fairy-tale retellings, gail carson levine, happily ever afters, kelsey macke, malinda lo, margaret peterson haddix. The Little Mermaid: A Romantic Fairy Tale Retelling (Ever After Book 2) - Kindle edition by Lovell, Tara. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Little Mermaid: A Romantic Fairy Tale Retelling (Ever After Book. From high school thrillers to fairy tale retellings, here are 10 Y.A. Books you won’t want to miss this season. By MJ Franklin Published May 29, 2021 Updated June 4, 2021. For Aladdin I probably say The Stolen Kingdom, but the Twisted Tale was really good. Beauty and the Beast, probably Melanie Cellier’s A Tale of Beauty and Beast, and her Snow White and Rose Red retelling, Happily Ever Afters, is my favorite of that fairy tale. And also the only one I’ve ever read. Would you recommend Thief of.

Though we may realize their flaws — too-perfect princes, too-passive heroines, too many pat happily-ever-afters — we always return to fairy tales. No matter our complaints, these stories stay with us.

The new generation has grown up with these stories, too, and is now seeing them revived in young adult retellings that are many times modernized or futurized. It’s a brave new world for princesses and their glass slippers!

Here are some of the best fairy tale retellings, fit for a teen.

  • Cinder

    Also available from:

    A retelling of 'Cinderella,' this first entry in Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles is set in New Beijing, where humans and androids crowd the streets. Cinder is a cyborg and a second-class citizen, and when she falls for Prince Kai, trouble ensues.

    Also available from:
  • Fairest

    Also available from:

    From the author of Ella Enchanted (itself a retelling of 'Cinderella'), this spin-off plays with both the Snow White story and Cyrano de Bergerac. In Levine’s tale, Aza is just plain ugly, but she happens to have an amazing singing voice, a prized thing in her kingdom. She also possesses the power to “illuse,” or throw her voice anywhere. She’s blackmailed by Queen Ivi, who needs Aza’s lovely voice to preserve her reputation.

    Also available from:
  • Fables series

    Also available from:

    This comic-book series — available in graphic novel form — is an amazing mash-up of dozens of different tales. The noir-esque story is set in a clandestine New York neighborhood called Fabletown. The long-running series has some material suitable for more mature readers, but the serialized format and amazing artwork make this is a great choice for reluctant readers.

    Also available from:
  • A Long, Long Sleep

    Also available from:

    Anyone who’s ever complained that 'Sleeping Beauty' is a touch, um, passive, will find Sheehan’s retelling quite redemptive. Rosalinda Fitzroy has been in a chemically induced state of sleep for 62 years when she’s suddenly woken by a kiss and learns she’s heir to an interplanetary empire. Readers who don’t like Rose at the start of the book admit to being very pleasantly surprised by her development over the course of the story.

    Also available from:
  • Princess of the Midnight Ball

    Also available from:

    A retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale, “The Twelve Dancing Princesses,” George’s version is set in a fictional 19th Century Europe. The tale adds depth to the original fairy tale about a young soldier (who knits!) charged with learning why the castle’s twelve princesses must dance their shoes to tatters each night. The book includes knitting patterns for teens looking to pair a hobby with their reading habit.

    Also available from:
  • Grim

    Also available from:

    Big-name YA writers — from Julie Kagawa and Ellen Hopkins to Amanda Hocking and Malinda Lo — take on short-story retellings of Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Standouts include a retelling of “Bluebeard” by Rachel Hawkins, “Hansel and Gretel” by Kimberley Derting, and “Beauty and the Beast” by Sarah Rees Brennan.

    Also available from:
  • The Looking Glass Wars

    Also available from:

    Though Alice in Wonderland isn’t technically considered a fairy tale, its fantastical elements seem to make it fair game for a retelling. Alyss Heart is heir to the throne in Wonderland, until her aunt Redd kills her parents, causing Alyss to flee to our world through the Pool of Tears. With plenty of battles and some sci-fi touches, this is a good one for boys.

    Also available from:
  • Briar Rose

    Also available from:

    Part of Yolen’s Fairy Tale series, Briar Rose is another retelling of 'Sleeping Beauty' but this time with a familial spin. Protagonist Rebecca has always been enchanted by her grandmother’s amazing stories about Briar Rose. But her grandma's dying words, 'I am Briar Rose,' set Rebecca on a journey to uncover the truth.

    Also available from:
Ever After High Book PDFs (and how to access them yourself!)

I’ve finally finished collecting and converting the books! This is a masterpost, so strap in. First, the goods:

LINK HERE: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16a4rl7u4QxGD-8T06ZTnuUnyxPr7hovA?usp=sharing

This will take you to a Google Drive folder with both Ever After High book series! They are all PDFs, meaning you can easily download them and read at your own leisure. They’re free, completely safe, and yours to share! And of course, I ask that you keep this within the fandom so I don’t get any copyright notices.

Pictures below to show you what’s available!

Order: I’m providing links that show you the correct order to read the books. They are not in order here!

Ever After High I: https://everafterhigh.fandom.com/wiki/Ever_After_High_(book_series_I)

Ever After High II: https://everafterhigh.fandom.com/wiki/Ever_After_High_(book_series_II)


Mattel released more books (like the pet books), but I didn’t download them because it was too much already! But I’m happy to report that you CAN access them from the same website I did. I’ll show you how to do that (and download the EPUB files if you want those).


1. Go to libgen.is

This is what you should see. Make sure that “Fiction” is selected underneath the search bar.

2. Type in “ever after high”.

All the books should come up. If you don’t see the title of the book you’re looking for, try searching the actual title or one of the authors (Shannon Hale or Suzanne Selfors).

Note: Fairy’s Got Talent and Fairy Tale Ending by Suzanne Selfors both come up under the name Ever After High. They look like this:

Make sure to read the Series name to know exactly what book you’re getting!

3. Click on the name of the book you want, under “Title”. It will take you to this page:

Now, PAY ATTENTION. Go to where it says “Download” and click on “[Libgen.rs]” ONLY. Nothing else. Do not torrent. That will get you in trouble. Do not click any other link than the one I’ve circled here. It is the only one I use, and the only one that I have personally ensured will not get you into pirating trouble or give you any viruses.

4. Click “Get”.

You will then wait until your computer has downloaded the document. It will appear as an EPUB.



So how will you be able to read it, you may ask? Stay tuned! There are 2 ways to do it.

Ever after high fairy tale retellings book #1 pdf free download free


Easy Way

The easiest way to read your book is to turn it into a PDF first! I used this website to change all the EAH books into PDFs. It’s free, simple to use, and very safe. Link here: https://www.pdf2go.com/epub-to-pdf

The area with instructions has also been underlined. It automatically downloads for you! Just save to your computer and start reading!

Harder Way

If you truly want to read it as an e-book, here’s how to do it. These instructions only work for Chromium-based web browsers like Google Chrome or the NEW Microsoft Edge, so if you use Firefox, Opera, Safari, or something else, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to either look it up or do it the easy way.

1. Search Google for “chrome extensions”

It will take you to this site.


2. Search “epub reader” scroll down until you find this:

Exactly this one, not a different one. I haven’t tried those and I don’t know how they work.

3. Click on it and add it to Chrome.

I use the new Microsoft Edge as my browser, but it’s based on the same thing as Chrome and thus you can download any Chrome extensions. Once you do this, it will now be an extension on your computer. Accept any permissions it asks for.

4. Click on the extension in your browser.


It shows up as a gray book. You will then see a blank page with this folder on the top. Click on the folder to open your file explorer.

5. Click on the EPUB you want.

Ever After High Fairy Tale Retellings Book #1 Pdf Free Download Free

If you move your mouse down to the gray line at the bottom, this strip at the bottom will appear. You can change settings, look at the Table of Contents, change the font size, and more!


That’s it for now! Hope you enjoy this. I’m tagging users who expressed interest in reading these books: @wehiddendesires​, @deerdeardarling​, @baiorettoldicno​, @eahshipper​. Feel free to share, reblog, or just pass the link around!

Ever After High Fairy Tale Retellings Book #1 Pdf free. download full

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