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Even Superheroes Make Mistakes. Written by Shelly Becker & illustrated by Eda Kaban. Published by Sterling. Buy on Bookshop.org Buy on Amazon. Prices as of Jul 13. Even Superheroes Make Mistakes Faith Food Devotions The Mosquito Book Bioluminescent Microbial Biosensors Anatomy of a Pull Shot My First Train Trip Blue Band My Little Pony: Ponyville Reading Adventures Unfinished System Of Nonknowledge Making a World of Difference. Personal Leadership Simple Low Fat Step by Step (CL) Practicalities.

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Avengers fans will love today's post. I found the cutest Avengers characters on Etsy, and I just had to make them into a bingo game. This Avengers bingo game will be perfect for a birthday party or any large gathering of Avengers fans. Unlike my previous games, this game has 29 different characters (instead of the usual 24). That means that every card does not contain every Avenger or villain. As a result, there is a little bit more variety in the cards and a smaller chance of more than one person getting bingo at the same time. There are so many cool characters in the movies that I just couldn't leave anyone out. (I know I missed a few, but this Avengers bingo game has almost everyone.)

Free Printable Avengers Bingo Game

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Who's your favorite Avenger? I always loved Captain America. I loved that he brought his 1940's innocence and values into the modern world. He was a breath of fresh air: A kinder, gentler superhero. I was a little disappointed when he lost his 1940's vibe in Winter Soldier. I haven't seen Avengers Endgame yet, so don't tell me what happens to him!

Here's a sneak peek at all the Avengers and villains in my Avengers Bingo game. Did your favorites make the cut? Who'd I miss?

Could you name them all? I couldn't, but I can now! I know some of these characters have more minor roles in the Avengers movies, but the clipart was so cute that I just couldn't resist! The credit for almost all of these cool superhero images goes to DocomooArt. (I tried my hand at a few, too.)

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Ready for your game? Click the download button below to open a pdf file containing 6 free bingo boards, an instruction/key page, and three pages of calling cards.

If you need more game boards and larger calling cards, click the button below to head over to my Etsy shop for a full set of 30 Avengers Bingo boards. This set contains two sizes of calling cards: Large and Jumbo.

Here are some fun things your Avenger-loving family might enjoy:

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