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The list does not contain every bird that can be seen in Atlanta, however it is a good sample of the common birds that live in or migrate through the Atlanta metropolitan area. Click on each bird name for identification tips, pictures, songs, and habitat. Great Blue Heron. DUCKS, GEESE, AND SWANS. Whether you’re a bird lover, an educator, or a student, our interactive courses and multimedia-rich resources will lead you into the fascinating lives of birds, from birding basics to comprehensive ornithology.

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1. slang A woman or girl, especially a romantic partner or someone of sexual interest. Primarily heard in UK. Who was the bird you were with last night? She was quite a looker.I know Tom wants to come with us this weekend, but his bird wants him home to help with the kids.
2. A man of some peculiar quality (indicated by a preceding modifier). Don't worry, Grandpa's a tough old bird. I'm sure he'll be out of the hospital in no time.Some odd-looking bird came into the shop today looking for a rare antique.
3. slang An airplane. This bird may look a bit beat up, but she still flies like a dream.

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4. slang A satellite. The network recently launched a bird into orbit to provide their new premium TV service.
5. slang Time in prison. A shortening of the phrase 'birdlime,' Cockney rhyming slang for '(prison) time.' Primarily heard in UK. A: 'I 'eard Bill's doing bird again.' B: 'Yep, six years in Thameside.'

the bird

1. A rude gesture in which one's middle finger is raised, typically to show anger, disdain, or insolence. Usually used with the verbs 'give' or 'flip.' What are you giving me the bird for? All I said was that your dress really makes you look slim!I flipped my brother the bird after he told me to go mow the lawn for him.
2. Prompt, unceremonious dismissal from one's job, role, or position. Primarily heard in UK. I heard Bill got the bird for screwing up the Robertson accounts.

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3. Verbal derision, such as hissing or booing, aimed at a performer or athlete. Primarily heard in UK. The crowd gave that player the bird after he dropped the ball.She stumbled onto the stage so intoxicated that she couldn't even remember the words to the song, and she promptly got the bird from the audience.
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1. n. a woman; a girl. I like the bird you were with last night.
2. n. a derisive noise made with the lips; a raspberry. The third time he fumbled, he was greeted by two thousand mouths making the bird.
3. n. an odd person. Some old bird came up to me and tried to sell me a cookbook.
4. n. a rude gesture made with the middle finger. (Usually with the. See comments at finger wave.) A lot of little kids give people the bird all the time because they see it on television.
5. n. an airplane. I like this bird. She’s a dream to fly.
6. n. one hundred dollars. This thing cost three birds! Bull!
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Bird & Squirrel On The Run! PDF Free Download
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