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Quickly send high-quality images for FREE with any smartphone! Forget standing in line waiting to use truck stop scanners. Send documents wherever you are. Get paid faster!

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Common axle/wheel ratios: 2 axle/8-wheel, heavy loads use 3 axle/12 wheel or 4 axle/ 16 wheel configurations Common Dimensions of Container Skeletal Carriers OVERALL Length Width Height CONTAINER SIZES TARE NET CAPACITY GROSS CAPACITY 41.5' 98' 51.5' 20' - 40' 12,100 lbs / 5,500 kg 71,390 lbs / 32,450 kg 83,600 lbs / 38,000 kg. The manual can help you become a better truck driver whether you are a novice or old hand and that will benefit both you and your company. Australian and overseas experience has shown that proper training of truck drivers significantly reduces vehicle maintenance costs (by almost half in some instances) and improves fuel economy.

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  • An “H” series truck designates a two-axle truck, while an “HS” series truck is comprised of multiple loaded axles (i.e. A semi-trailer vehicle). The number following the “H” is the gross tonnage of the design vehicle. To determine the total tonnage of the “HS” vehicle you will have to add one additional trailer.
  • Other damage to the truck frame in the area of the rear hinge. A WARNING Use caution when climbing on the body. Make sure there Is no oil, dirt or debris on eitheryour shoes or any ofthe surfacesyou climb on. If you need to climb on the body or the truck at any time during the inspection process, make sure there is no oil, grease or other.
  • TAYLOR Forklift Truck Brochures PDF download free - X250S, GT135, GT180, X180, X300; Taylor Forklifts Specification. The fault code mid136 sid7 fmi 14. Modulation valve axle 1 left. The truck is changing gears at 20rpm and above. Abs light on and it's sending a break failure signal.
Crisp, clear, fast and easy. I love it and makes my job that much easier. I've had this app for a couple of years now and would never go back to how it used to be done. One quick pic, send it to who i need to, done! Its just that easy! I highly HIGHLY recommend this app to ALL drivers out there. You won't regret it!
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Very user friendly. Fast and efficient. Makes my job and life so much easier.
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Great application for business! I'm in the trucking industry and i recommend for every driver to download this app. Makes the job 200% easier when sending Pods on delivery.
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This is by far the best app for all OTR Drivers. In my professional opinion this Drive Axle replaces Faxing.
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Works great and is free to use unlike Transflo. This app needs to add a feature to send images already stored on your phone though, hence the 4 star rating. EDIT: The feature was included in the latest update, so 5 stars it is.
Gwen F.Driver

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perfect for drivers submitting paperwork. Very clear copies

Using Drive Axle, you can quickly scan and send paperwork with ease. Conveniently send single or multi-page freight documents anywhere, anytime.

Drive Axle has been built to handle the kinds of non-ideal conditions you face on a daily basis: poor lighting, faded carbon copy, crumpled paper, and cramped truck cabs. Drive Axle can transform images of documents in these conditions into crisp, clear, and legible freight documents.

Retrieve documents, see when they were sent, who they were sent to, and feel confident they were delivered. No more piles of paperwork to clutter your cab.

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