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India Since Independence Bipan Chandra Book Pdf Download

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Hello, folks today we are sharing India Since Independence Bipan Chandra. We hope every one of you is putting in efforts to brace up for the upcoming Preliminary Examination 2020. The recent broke-down of COVID-19 has lead to slowing down of our preparation speed. The rising cases also cause of worry.

Though recently UPSC has released the notification regarding postponement of the examination, uncertainty still looms. We all are aware of the importance of reading NCERTs. They are like the foundation of our preparation, stronger the foundation better is the rest of the structure. UPSC Free Materials is sharing India Since Independence Bipan Chandra. Because we faced numerous difficulties in arranging the relevant books for our preparation.

If you are looking for India Since Independence Bipan Chandra Pdf. Then scroll down to download India Since Independence Bipan Chandra Pdf.

Why India Since Independence Bipan Chandra is Important to Read?

This book is crucial for our preparation because of its comprehensiveness. This book covers majority of the developments post independence. It talks about the timelines of the events after India achieved freedom.

India Since Independence Bipan Chandra Pdf Index


1. Introduction

2. The Colonial Legacy

3. The National Movement and its Legacy

4. The Evolution of the Constitution and Main Provisions

5. The Architecture of the Constitution: Basic Features and Institutions

6. The Initial Years

7. Consolidation of India as a Nation (I)


8. Consolidation of India as a Nation(II): The Linguistic Reorganization of the States

9. Consolidation of India as a Nation(III): Integration of the Tribals

10. Consolidation of India as a Nation(IV): Regionalism and Regional Inequality

11. The Years of Hope and Achievement, 1951–1964

12. Foreign Policy : The Nehru Era

13. Jawaharlal Nehru in Historical Perspective

14. Political Parties, 1947–1964: The Congress

15. Political Parties, 1947–1965: The Opposition

16. From Shastri to Indira Gandhi, 1964–1969

17. The Indira Gandhi Years, 1969–1973

18. The JP Movement and the Emergency : Indian Democracy Tested

19. The Janata Interregnum and Indira Gandhi’s Second Coming, 1977–1984

20. The Rajiv Years

21. Run-up to the New Millennium and After

22. Politics in the States (I): Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Assam

23. Politics in the States (II): West Bengal and Jammu and Kashmir

24. The Punjab Crisis

25. Indian Economy , 1947–1965: The Nehruvian Legacy

A Picture Of Freedom PDF Free Download

26. Indian Economy , 1965–1991

27. Economic Reforms Since 1991

28. The Indian Economy in the New Millennium

29. Land Reforms (I): Colonial Impact and the Legacy of the National and Peasant Movements

30. Land Reforms(II): Zamindari Abolition and Tenancy Reforms

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A Picture Of Freedom Pdf Free Download Free

31. Land Reforms (III): Ceiling and the Bhoodan Movement

32. Cooperatives and an Overview of Land Reforms

33. Agricultural Growth and the Green Revolution

34. Agrarian Struggles Since Independence

35. Revival and Growth of Communalism

36. Communalism and the Use of State Power

37. Caste, Untouchability , Anti-caste Politics and Strategies

38. Indian Women Since Independence

39. The Post-colonial Indian State and the Political Economy of Development: An Overview

40. Disarray in Institutions of Governance

41. The Dawn of the New Millennium: Achievements, Problems and Prospects

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